01 November 2011

Warm and somewhat contrarian thoughts

We've got a seventies vintage, Elmira woodstove. We use it to heat our house almost exclusively. I'm sure it isn't the most efficient or clean stove out there, but it's the one we have, and one doesn't change out a woodstove lightly. There is nothing I like better than to get up on a frosty morning and build a fire, then sit in front of it with a big mug of coffee.

You may be surprised to hear that being the doomer I am, I don't have cords of wood stacked up, ready for the next two winters. Neither do my husband or I go into the woods and cut our own firewood. Rather, we have a fellow who lives down the road who will deliver a cord at a time within a day or two of us calling. I stack the wood under the deck and we're good for another couple of months. We're not really set up to store much more than a full cord of wood, and it just isn't a priority, given how well our system is working for us. The fact is, if we wanted to save money on firewood, it would be at a cost of many hours of fairly hard labour at a very low hourly rate. Given how local a commodity firewood is, and the fact that I see my supplier's stocks of it every time I go to town, I don't stress a bit about going cold.

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