14 November 2011

Monday Forest photo: November 14, 2011

11:30 am 17C cloudy
 This weather is strange indeed. A southwest wind is blowing up warm air and we're having temperatures I thought we wouldn't see again until April or May. As lovely as it is, at this time of year there's a nagging feeling that it's not quite right to be this warm. All good Canadians used to say something along the lines of "we'll pay for this" when the weather was unseasonably nice, and now we worry that this particular instance of weather is yet another sign of climate change. Geez, why can't we just enjoy it?

There are a lot of snags in Monday Forest and some bear some striking mycodecorations.


  1. Lovely picture of the myco-whatever :)

    You should make up another slide-show, this time with all the "extra" photos you took through the year!

    Paul J

    PS it's warm here, too, but it's supposed to be! =P

  2. Hey! Welcome to the world of blog comments!



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