13 February 2012

Monday Forest photo: February 13, 2012

12:00pm 1C sunny

Today was another beautiful sunny day. In spite of the mild temperatures we've had, we've somehow been fortunate enough to keep our snow and at least the appearance of winter. You don't have to travel far from here to run right out of snow. It's a rather dramatic demonstration of the effect of a very modest increase in temperature. 

Oh, and Meg is hiding in the picture this week.

We've had some spectacularly clear skies recently.

06 February 2012

Monday Forest photo: February 6, 2012

2:00pm 5C sunny
 Oh February sun, you are a tease. You touch my face with your warm rays, but we both know it won't last. Today was an exercise in living in the moment. The pleasure of the fine weather was tempered by hearing on the radio later that the temperature was a record high for the day. Sigh.

The pond was in fine shape for a skate before it warmed up above freezing this morning.

The chickens enjoyed the sun, but were highly suspicious of the snow. A couple of them did a hop, skip and jump (with flapping) to roost on a log closer to the house, but mostly, they wait for spring.


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