30 April 2012

Monday Forest photo: April 30, 2012

12:00pm 14C cloudy
Well, last week I mused that the leaves might be out by this week, but I didn't account for the week of cold and windy weather we've had since then. Today was the first mild, almost normal day in a while. I'd kind of been sucked into thinking we were having a warm spring, but April was ordinary, maybe a bit coolish, and if things are ahead of where they normally are, it's mainly because of the extraordinary heat we had in March to set things in motion. Perhaps the new normal is that all bets are off.

On my walk today, I spotted the first Trillium flower of the season. I get all Ontario-patriotic just thinking about it. After all, it's the provincial flower and we were all indoctrinated as children that we must never pick them, because they will never grow back and they are very special. I never have picked one and I don't know anyone who has, though I have heard that perhaps they aren't as delicate as all that.

After a brief hiatus for weather, there were lots of Trout Lily blooms today.

23 April 2012

Monday Forest photo: April 23, 2012

3:00pm 4C light rain
Most of the snow has gone, but we woke this morning to a very snowy day. I won't complain, because we desperately need the moisture, and a couple of days of snow and rain should help. I thought the leaves might be out by now, considering the warm weather we've had already this year, but only the poplars and some shrubs have actual leaves so far. As it turns out, it's probably for the best. Maybe next week.

Monday Forest photo: April 16, 2012

Scarlet Cup mushroom

09 April 2012

Monday Forest photo: April 9, 2012

1:00pm 10C overcast
It's an ordinary April day for once. Breezy and threatening rain and not too warm or cold. Things are happening here in Monday Forest, even though you have to look closely still. The wild leeks are up and growing like crazy everywhere, and there are lots of little miscellaneous green things popping up. We're two weeks ahead of last year, but I guess that's no surprise after the incredibly warm March.

Trout Lilies are up.

I found lots of unopened Round Leaf Hepatica. Last year, there didn't seem to be so many, only scattered individuals, rather than the patch of a dozen or so I saw today.

04 April 2012

Monday Forest photo: April 2, 2012

4:00pm 10C clear
Ahhh spring.

The wild leeks are up! This is the season of munching on leek leaves while walking. I come back every day with garlic breath.


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