30 May 2011

Monday forest photo: May 30, 2011

3:30pm 27C sunny
Well, summer's here. After weeks of cool, rainy weather, we woke up today to sun and warmth and a forecast for lots more of both. It's quite a relief. In the woods, everything is GREEN and lush and smells like flowers. I'm kind of embarrassed that the only blogging I've done this month are the forest photos, and I will try to do better for June. Of course, now that the fine weather is here, I'm sure I'll find lots of other things to do. I am always amazed at just how much effect the weather has on my mood and energy level. I'm feeling quite revitalized today.

24 May 2011

Monday forest photo: May 24, 2011

9:00am 20C cloudy
 No, I didn't get raptured or even hauled off by a swarm of mosquitoes. My camera was galivanting around Toronto yesterday, so not available for a Monday forest photo. I think this week looks like last week, except someone took a crayon and added more green.

There are lots of violets everywhere, even some yellow ones.

There's a patch of wild columbine with these beautiful ornate flowers.

I think this is what is called wild lily-of-the-valley. I was a lot more sure of that before I tried to identify the next one, which I think is star flowered Solomon's seal, also known as wild lily-of-the-valley. I guess this is the limitation of using common names.

16 May 2011

Monday forest photo: May 16, 2011

9:45am 5C rain
Someone flipped the green switch on the forest this week, but they turned the heat down and left the water running. Just when things were starting to dry out the rain has started again. I'm going to bed with the covers pulled over my head until the sun comes out.

09 May 2011

Monday forest photo: May 9, 2011

9:00am 12C sunny
After a cold, rainy week this sunny mild weather is most welcome. Everything is greening up, though no proper leaves on anything yet. Around here, this kind of spring weather is often quite brief as summer can arrive any time now.

There are lots of trilliums in bloom now, though we don't have carpets of them. We also don't have swarms of blackflies or mosquitoes yet.

02 May 2011

Monday forest photo: May 2, 2011

11:00am 12C rain
Another rainy day. The leaf buds on the trees are getting huge and I expect that next week's picture will be noticeably greener than this one. With the warmer temperatures, there's lots going on if you look closer up. 

The sight of a trillium bud is enough to warm the heart of a native-born Ontarian, as it is the provincial flower and we spent our elementary school years being told how special and delicate this plant is. I wouldn't dare pick one for fear of wiping out the entire species. I guess the message got through.

The trout lily (Erythronium americanum) was in bloom this week. Some pollinating insects were taking advantage.

We saw a group of Yellow Rumped Warblers in the woods on the weekend. We had a great view of them since the leaves aren't out yet and they aren't at all shy.

I've seen quite a few snakes already this spring, Garter snakes and Eastern Smooth Green snakes. This was a tiny little green snake looking for a patch of sun with no humans in it.


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