02 May 2011

Monday forest photo: May 2, 2011

11:00am 12C rain
Another rainy day. The leaf buds on the trees are getting huge and I expect that next week's picture will be noticeably greener than this one. With the warmer temperatures, there's lots going on if you look closer up. 

The sight of a trillium bud is enough to warm the heart of a native-born Ontarian, as it is the provincial flower and we spent our elementary school years being told how special and delicate this plant is. I wouldn't dare pick one for fear of wiping out the entire species. I guess the message got through.

The trout lily (Erythronium americanum) was in bloom this week. Some pollinating insects were taking advantage.

We saw a group of Yellow Rumped Warblers in the woods on the weekend. We had a great view of them since the leaves aren't out yet and they aren't at all shy.

I've seen quite a few snakes already this spring, Garter snakes and Eastern Smooth Green snakes. This was a tiny little green snake looking for a patch of sun with no humans in it.

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