08 November 2011

A Year in Monday Forest: The Movie

Monday Forest is the brand new name of the woods where I spend quite a bit of time practically every day. I've been taking a picture there every Monday and posting them on my blog under the title "Monday forest photo". I've been describing this area behind my house as "the woods" or "the forest" since we moved here more than a year ago now, and I've always felt that such a specific place needed its own name. The name basically appeared to me as I was creating the title for the video and I am happy to finally know what this place is called.

I managed to climb far enough up the learning curve of iMovie to put this together last night. I had envisioned a quick time-lapse effect, but the pictures weren't nearly consistent enough, so I made it slower and hopefully easier to watch. The critical reviews have been lukewarm (ok, they're terrible, but what was I thinking showing my masterpiece to my teenager?) so far, but I hope you'll ignore the film snobs and watch it anyway.

The Monday Forest Project continues on Monday, and with any luck for a long time.



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