07 November 2011

Monday forest photo: November 7, 2011

9:45am 12C clear

It's a beautiful day. A day to be appreciated for all its worth, because it's November and it could so easily be a soggy, dreary mess.

This photo marks a full year of Monday forest photos since I started doing them last November. I wanted to document seasonal changes in the woods, and I was pretty faithful at doing it. I missed a couple of weeks, and I didn't get to it until Tuesday or Wednesday sometimes, but it's become a fun little habit. I realize that there were a few months over the past year when I posted nothing other than the Monday forest photos, and I apologize. I do understand that I may be the only person who is in any way interested in them.

Because I now have a full year's worth of pictures, I am going to make a slideshow or video to show the year passing in a minute or so. I haven't quite figured out how, but I'm kind of excited about this little project.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this world on a rotten stump. Now that the leaves have dropped, and most everything is brown, this little vignette attracted my attention.


  1. I like your weekly forest photo and look forward to the seeing how your small project turns out. If you asked my geeky brother the biologist, he would probably be more than happy to identify everything in the world on your rotting stump. I secretly envy this ability of his.

  2. A geeky biologist brother would be very handy!



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