06 November 2011

Fall back

I woke this morning to a brightening sky for the first time in a while. I truly appreciate this light in the morning, I really do. But this day marks the beginning of the dark season. For some reason an earlier sunset has a much greater effect on me than a later sunrise. I am fortunate not to be a 9to5er, so I have plenty of opportunity to get outside in the daylight, and I will be making a concerted effort to partake as much as possible.

In 2005, in order to keep synchronized with the US, which had passed the Energy Policy Act, Canada extended daylight saving time by 3 weeks in the spring and 1 week in the fall. It was the first and only positive feeling I ever had towards George Bush Jr. 

I'll stop complaining now, as I live at the 45th parallel, far south of many of my Canadian, European and even some American neighbours, and I have lived at much higher latitudes myself, so I know my situation is in no way remarkable. You folks in the darker latitudes have my sincerest sympathies.

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