31 October 2011

Monday forest photo: October 31, 2011

11:30 8C cloudy
Last year at this time, I was moaning about the rain and mud that wouldn't end. Not this year. Meg is staying remarkably clean, and we are both happy not to have to do the twice daily laundry tub bath. The neighbours are saying they have never seen the water level in their pond so low, and they have lived here for 35 years. Our pond did manage to replenish itself after the little rain we have had this fall, and much to our surprise, it never was completely dry. There's no sign of the snowstorm that hit the east coast this week, and I am happy for it.

On a completely unrelated note, I have decided to do a daily blog for the month of November again this year. I have been struck quite dumb with writer's block these last few months, and I am putting myself out there with this commitment to hopefully get unstuck. I know there are bloggers who have done over 1000 consecutive daily posts, so my little 30 day challenge isn't any sort of accomplishment, except for me. So do feel free to mock or ridicule if I don't keep up - that's why I've gone public.

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