30 November 2010

Thirty posts in thirty days!

Well, I made it. I blogged every day this month. I discovered that it actually gets easier to think of things to write about the more you do it, and I also discovered that some ideas need a bit more time to be fleshed out before they're truly ready for prime time. This was a good kickstart for me to get back into the blogging habit and I'm sure I will continue on a more regular schedule than I had been before November. I'll be happy to have my artificial rule lifted, but there's something about having a rule that the rest of the family respected. I could just say "I have to blog, now" and I was granted the time and space to do so. Regular blogging also improves blog traffic and I'm happy for the new readers.

The picture is a young Abe Lincoln cutting rails, not posts, but I couldn't resist.


  1. I have truly enjoyed reading all of your posts this month.:)



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