05 November 2010

Silent foot fall

One of the pleasures of an autumn walk, just after the leaves have fallen, is the loud rustling sound made by every step. Something makes you almost want to skip along, or at least kick up leaves as you walk through them ankle-deep. After a while, the leaves get rained on and start to mat down and the exuberant noisy leaf walking season ends for another year. And as much as you enjoyed it, it's a relief to walk quietly on the trails again. Another sign that late fall has begun.


  1. Our leaves are now past the crispness point...too much rain. We have been raking them up the past few days and adding them to the garden. It is fun to walk in them though.:)

  2. I always feel like a kid walking in the crisp leaves. But my walks are more peaceful now that they're soggy.



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