27 December 2010

Scenes from a frozen pond

Our unlikely little pond has surprised us once again by becoming a perfect outdoor skating pond. The dry winter so far has allowed great ice to form without much snow-clearing required. We're not really a big skating family, but this is a pretty great way to spend a sunny winter afternoon.


  1. Y'all are SOOO Canadian. Look at those hockey skates!!

  2. Actually, if there was a skating portion to the citizenship test, I don't think we'd qualify (thank goodness we had the good fortune to be born here), but being in possession of an honest-to-goodness skating pond does make us the envy of a lot of our fellow Canucks.

  3. My wife is looking forward to teaching our grandson how to skate this winter. I love that you have a personal pond to use...how fun.:)

  4. I hope to brush up my own very rusty skating skills this winter. It's not quite like riding a bike!



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