03 January 2011

Monday forest photo: January 3, 2011

11:30am -2C cloudy
Still waiting for winter to settle in. We had a pretty dramatic late December thaw that didn't include the rain that usually accompanies winter warm spells around here. Most of the snow is toast, but the forest trails, which were heavily compacted, have refrozen and are icy.


  1. Still waiting for the Christmas rant. That thing on Dec 21? Sorry, not even close.

  2. That's because that thing on Dec. 21 was the winter solstice post. The Christmas rant, for what it was, was on Nov. 21. I hope it is up to your standards.

    But thanks for stopping by!

  3. Maybe a little notice next time? I mean, really? The ACR ... in November?

    But, yes, it met my high standards overall although I would've liked a little more exasperation and frustration. It's too early for pre-acceptance.

  4. That's my new equanimity kicking in. It does take the edge off my posts, though. I just read "Fuck It" and I think my "Give a Shit" got broken in the process.



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