04 December 2010

"Progress" report

It's a quiet Saturday here. We really appreciate our quiet weekends because during the week, we are subjected to the sounds of heavy machinery digging and hammering as water and sewer are run up our road to the new subdivision development just past our house. The current residents along the road will not be able to hook into the water and sewer lines, though there will be fire hydrants.   Lower fire insurance rates will be our compensation for the noise and disruption we've experienced for the last several months.

The work is proceeding slowly, due to the bedrock that starts pretty much at the surface, and water that is determined to fill the trench as it is created. We've been told that they are making 80 to 100 ft. per day, but they've had several days when they quite obviously didn't come close. The edge of the hole is now at our property line and I expect they will be in front of our property for the next two weeks.

The rock requires hammering with a giant hydraulic hammer. It's broken into smaller pieces then trucked down the road to a giant pile at the construction site. Truckloads of fill are brought back from the construction site to fill the hole once the pipe is laid. The gas company will run the gas line (something else we can't connect to) after the water and sewer work is complete.

I try not to think too much about what is going on here. During the week, when the digging and hammering are ongoing, I try not to let the noise aggravate my anger about the energy being consumed to allow McMansions to be built, thus ensuring that even more energy is consumed by folks who want to reproduce a little bit of suburbia in the countryside.

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