11 November 2009

Winter coop

We moved the girls from their portable chicken tractor into an old goose-house turned shed turned chicken coop yesterday. They were curious about their new digs and spent lots of time exploring and trying to figure out how to get out the window. They'll live indoors for the winter where they'll have more room out of the weather. Of course, on nice days they can still free range outside if they want.
By this morning they had figured out the nest boxes and got right to work - five eggs! 


  1. Just cooped my free ranging girls for the winter also. Not too sure if they're as happy about it as yours seem to be. Maybe a window would help a bit. We refitted part of our barn to accomodate them, but even with the addition of lights, it's rather like a 15x30' hay filled prison. Good job on the nest boxes, too!

  2. I don't know how happy they are. They squabble over 3 nest boxes when they used to quite happily share one in their portable coop. They also come flapping and running in a very undignified way when we let them out. Their emotional lives may be too complicated for me to understand.



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