06 November 2009

Standard Time Blues

We're weeks away from the winter solstice and already the sun is setting before 5. It's the first week of November and the cold and darkness is weighing heavily on me. I feel like pulling the covers up over my head and staying in bed until spring, or at least February when the days become noticeably longer again. Or at an absolute minimum, until after New Year's. I can't even generate any enthusiasm for the annual Christmas rant, although I'm told it is as eagerly anticipated as The Simpsons' Halloween Special. 

Maybe I should just turn off the news and stop looking at gloomy websites and take up drinking or pot or high fructose corn syrup or buying lottery tickets or forwarding emails with stupid animated angels for the next few months. Ignorant bliss has never really been my style, but it might have merit for this dark time of year. I'd likely get it wrong, though, and end up in a state of ignorant despair. Probably I should just go for a walk.

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