12 November 2009

Snug at the shack

One of my favourite things to do is to spend an evening in front of the woodstove at our old log cabin. The only light is candlelight and the only sound is us. We can't hear anything from outside except the train whistle a kilometre away and sometimes coyotes. We sit and talk and eat pie and drink warming beverages and that's about it.

Our everyday house (and we are not alone in this) suffers from a definite lack of snug. It's too bad because I think it requires extra energy to make up for the missing internal warmth you get at a place like our cabin. Or maybe it's just a warm frame of mind that is difficult to attain with dishwashers and fridges and LEDs all jangling our nerves.


  1. Is you shack anywhere near your main house?

    Nothing better than a shack at the lake..

  2. I'm afraid there's no lake at our shack, although there's a lovely wetland on the property. It's more of a pioneer cabin than a recreational property, though my daughter's initial reaction to our buying it was that it was a "shack in the middle of nowhere!!!!!", and the name has stuck.



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