24 February 2009

Watch and discuss

Today's post is a bit of a change from my usual ranting. I'm going to let two very smart guys explain why there can be no recovery from the current economic crisis - and why, if by recovery you mean everything goes back to the way it was, there shouldn't be. There's an evening's worth of material here so get comfortable and please find someone to watch it with you. If you've ever lived paycheck to paycheck and gotten in the situation where you had unexpected expenses and put them on a credit card and didn't really know if you could afford something - that's the position most of us are in with regards to the 3E (economic, environment, and energy) crisis most of humanity is facing. At some point you have to sit down and add everything up to see exactly what the situation is. You might not like the answer, but at least you can make decisions that don't involve winning the lottery or developing technology to get out of the fix you're in.

Both of these talks are accessible and even somewhat entertaining.

First, watch this. This is a 40 minute version of Chris Martenson's Crash Course that was broadcast on PBS a while back. It is definitely an executive summary of the financial situation, but you'll get the gist.

Then, watch Saul Griffith discussing the scale of the environmental and energy problems we're facing.

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