19 February 2009

Revolutionary tax advice

I had a first crack at our income taxes this morning. In past years, I've mostly been interested in the bottom line. Hopefully we don't owe anything and wouldn't it be nice if there was a bit of a refund. This year I actually looked at the total amount of tax paid to the federal and provincial governments between L and I and I'm happy to report the big banks can rest easy - we've got a good chunk of the bailout covered.

When people complain about taxes, I'm usually the one saying how I'd rather pay higher taxes and live in a civilized country like Canada than pay less tax but have no safety net. I've been changing my tune a bit. Since it's now apparent that our neoliberal government would rather you threw yourself in front of a train than claim unemployment benefits or, heaven forbid - welfare, I'm feeling a little less generous with my money. I liked the idea that my money might contribute to helping someone get back on their feet or environmental protection or decent commercial-free radio. I hate the idea that my money is going to bail out some corporation with the stated intent of restoring the economy.

I've taken the (snarky) advice I used to give to tax moaners: if you want to pay less tax, you could always earn less money. So next year at this time, if I continue to earn at my present rate (precisely zero since I quit my job) my contribution to government corporate welfare schemes will be nothing. My own personal tax revolt.


  1. Hey B (and THM)

    As of March 1, I'll be revolting too!

    I'm OuttaControl, signing out forever (under that handle)

  2. Finally! What are you reincarnating as?

  3. D'oh - I hadn't thought that far ahead. I'll probably change it to something clever some day.

    BTW, was the Finally! for ditching the handle or the job...or both?

  4. Finally, the job! I do think you need to think a little more about the name, Hayseed.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion but A slow witted or unstylish person from the rural midwest doesn't quite fit. For one, I'm from the Pacific Northwest. Second, there's an or between slow witted and unstylish.

  6. Sorry, I thought you were from Winnipeg. Amazing how one mild winter can git ya to go back on yer raisin'.



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