16 February 2009

Music and Life

I've just discovered Alan Watts. The guys from South Park animated a number of his talks and they're great fun. This one sums up quite nicely why I think unschooling is the way to go. By the way, M will be continuing her school experiment until spring break, at which point she'll be making a decision about continuing. I'm pretty sure the pleasure of confinement will be outweighed by the joy of freedom, but the trial isn't over until it's over.


  1. Watts was a marvelous, flawed, very human, interpreter of Buddhism and The Tao.

    Best wishes with him.

    Because of listening to Watts, I now light candles to The Tao each night.

  2. I've just whetted my appetite with the South Park animations and one other short live talk. Do you have a recommendation for a book or other place to start to explore more?

  3. Two books:
    The Way of Zen, and
    Tao - The Watercourse Way.

    Now and then there's Watts books at Chapters but they're at Amazon too. The Alan Watts website has some audio recordings available. Or .. write me at the address in my profile and I can set up some downloads.

  4. Thanks! I've got them both reserved at the library.



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