09 January 2012

Monday Forest photo: January 9, 2012

12:30pm 2C cloudy
The last couple of days have been glorious in Monday Forest: bright, reasonably mild and hard-surfaced. Our neighbour has been over the trails with his snowmobile, packing down the snow and providing almost a sidewalk to walk on. I can hardly recall enjoying my walks more and that's saying a lot. Mind you, my week was hijacked by a very nasty stomach virus which laid me low and kept me out of the woods until yesterday. It was a joy to get back out with Meg.

My little adventure in illness gave me a new appreciation for our town's amazing emergency room service. Within ten minutes of leaving home, I was triaged, examined and iv'd. I spent the night and left in the morning - nausea under control and rehydrated (I left out the grislier parts of the story). All at no cost, I might add (for the benefit of any of my American readers who doubt it's possible to receive quality, timely medical care in Canada).

I was also reminded that I am not nearly as sturdy as I think I am, and that my previous good health may have been as much luck as right living. So, humbled and recovering, I resumed my daily walks.

I had to include Meg in the photo this week, because today is her third birthday. If it's true that a tired dog is a happy dog (and I believe it is), then Meg had a great day.


  1. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. We have been spending some time in the hospital of late too as my sister in law had back surgery this past weekend. The costs are absolutely amazing...incomprehensible.

    1. I hope she is recovering well. The less time spent in hospital, the better, for so many reasons!

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