16 January 2012

Monday Forest photo: January 16, 2012

1:30pm -6C cloudy
Another up and down week. It was really cold on the weekend, but we're back to above normal temperatures (which are starting to feel normal). Everything is crisp and clean in Monday Forest and perfectly wintery. I've had the experience a couple of times this week of standing quietly and hearing nothing but the wind in the trees and chickadees and the occasional snap of a branch in the cold. I think this had to do with the perfectly clear skies, cold temperatures and wind blowing from the north, where there are few roads for many kilometres. It's almost as if the absence of cars, or airplanes or chainsaws or snowmobiles has a sound. I can hardly get enough of it but it is a rare treat to experience that silence.

Luc finally broke down and borrowed my dad's snowblower to get the ice on the pond clear of snow before the temperatures warmed up last week. He discovered the amazing amount of work that can be accomplished with the help of a small amount of fossil fuels. And so the skating continues!

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