24 July 2010

Airing my clean laundry

I've posted before on my unnatural fascination with clotheslines. Well, I have not been cured of this fetish and I now am the proud owner of this super-deluxe clothesline. You can't see the silent bearings or virtually frictionless operation, but I can assure you it provides a wonderful clothes hanging experience. I don't think I could really think of a house as a home until there was proper provision for hanging clothes.

My belle-soeur (don't the French have a nice way of saying sister-in-law?), Danielle, was inspired by my previous clothesline post to create this amazing painting. It even has an engraved label saying "Bev's clothesline". I was completely blown away by Danielle's skill and thoughtfulness when she gave the painting to me.


  1. We also love our clothesline, there is just something fresh about clothes hung on the line that can't be had from using an electric dryer.

  2. And what is that fresh smell? In the winter, when things are hung inside and only smell of detergent, there's nothing better than getting into a bed just made with sheets that had been hung outside when the weather was better back in the fall.



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