04 August 2008

Good clean fun

I appreciate a well hung clothesline. I admire women who maintain order in their lines and I fancy myself one of them. I know that we can be an intimidating bunch. I lived, for years, next door to a woman who I imagined was scrutinizing my clothesline closely (not you, Kathy!) and it made me nervous. My problem, I know.

I don't actually know any men who regularly hang clothes, and I really can't imagine any man I know hanging a decent line. I was once accused, by one of these men, of being anal for pairing the socks on a line. As if they magically pair themselves at any point in the laundry process.

My fantasy clothesline is attached to a white clapboard house on the edge of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Of course, the sun is always shining, and it's always a good drying day. In my fantasy the freezing rain never blows sideways and it never rains on almost dry clothes.

This post will no doubt generate a few hits from googlers who are most definitely not looking for pictures of clotheslines.


  1. Hey B - I'm all caught up on your life. Nice pics and artwork (and writing, of course).

    Off to SSI for a 2 week wwoof on Sunday. I'll write you something substantial after.

    Keep them tomaters growing!


  2. Gosh. I hope I'm not leaving the impression my new peasant life is only about laundry and dying tomato plants. Maybe I should post more often?

    Have fun wwoofing!

  3. I was wondering how santa paz was doing, if it had new owners and hoping no one was planning a 300 house suburb in there..



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