26 August 2008

Today in the garden

I planted a whole bunch of veggies today:
  1. Cherry Belle radish
  2. White Globe turnip
  3. Scarlet Nantes carrot
  4. Cosmo-Savoy lettuce
  5. Chioggia beet
  6. Sylvetta arugula
  7. White Russian kale
  8. Osaka Purple mustard greens
  9. Wild Garden chicory
  10. China Choy chinese cabbage
  11. Roquette Salad arugula
  12. Rhubarb Chard
Some of these don't stand a chance of maturing before winter, but they can all be eaten when small. At least one cold frame is in the works, which will keep lots of things going until late fall/early winter at least. All of these veggies will tolerate cool weather and mild frosts. More garden beds are on the agenda this week.

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