02 December 2008

Taking the cure Part 1 - the birdfeeder

This picture is about as good quality as the average bigfoot photo, but I assure you the black blur at the top is a squirrel. He leaped out of a tree and quite dramatically overshot the birdfeeder, unlike his buddy who has mastered the launch and landing.

Mondays and Tuesdays are my FeederWatch count days. I record the largest number of individuals of each variety of bird that I see in the vicinity of the feeder over the course of the two days. I find this a very peaceful activity, although activity may be a strong word to describe what is essentially sitting and staring out the window.

This feeder watching provides a strong and necessary counterpoint to thinking about events in the civilized world. I really only have space in my mind for half a dozen or so human constructed crises but I have no chickadee limit.

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