21 December 2008

Shortest day

Today at 0704 EST we in the northern hemisphere reached our farthest tilt away from the sun. We'll pause here for three days and then we'll move ever so slightly back towards the sun. The sun will rise higher and higher in the sky for the next six months. Although officially we're only on the first day of winter, this day is definitely the turning point for me. In a few weeks the days will be noticeably longer and even though the weather will still be cold and snowy the light will be stronger and spring will just around the corner.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy my seed catalogues.


  1. Hi there Bev! Wow, how neat that we blogged about the same topic in such a similar way :) Can't wait to poke around your blog and see what other similarities we share. And it's always nice to find another Canadian blogger as well :)

  2. Welcome to the Shack! Not only am I Canadian, I spent my teenage years in Edmonton (Old Scona class of '83).

    Happy day-after-winter solstice!



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