30 November 2008

November word cloud

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I had a pretty grumpy November if my posts for the month are any indication. This happens every year when the days get short and the weather nasty. This year, I've had time to write and thus share my dark thoughts, whereas in years past I suffered through them mostly alone. Some of my readers have indicated that they don't really appreciate my generosity. Now that we're within spitting distance of the solstice and my brain chemistry finally feels like it has adjusted to the darkness, I'll try to rant a little less. Unlesssomethingreallypissesmeoff.

Happy Birthday to my favourite guy!


  1. I'm a daily reader here now.

    I often converse in rants and rages - its my normal.

  2. You've joined a very select group, welcome!

    I read your comments at TAE and I sense we share an ambivalence about the future of the waste economy. Or perhaps I'm projecting.

  3. Well, thanks, but you're about 6 months early.



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