01 September 2008

I'm surfing so you don't have to

I've just discovered Google Reader and, as Kramer would say, I'm lovin' it! It allows me to read all the news and blogs I follow in one place without having to check for new posts. The best feature is the sharing function. If I read something that I find interesting, I can share it and it automatically updates the "This is interesting..." widget on the blog. Sometimes I'll add a comment which can be read by clicking the "read more" button.

Google Reader is a very user friendly RSS reader (or aggregator). Until a couple of days ago, I didn't think it was worth the effort to bother learning how to use an RSS feed. Leave it to Google to make it no effort at all. It reminds me of those post-apocolyptic novels which describe how, before things got really bad, the population was comfortably and blindly relying on some big brother type of organization (usually the government) to take care of them.

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