13 September 2008

Garden update

The garden has now grown to 9 raised beds. Four of the beds are now planted with salad greens, mostly. One of the beds is reserved for garlic. I picked up a whole bunch of Music and Red Russian garlic from the Carp Farmer's Market this morning. I'm hoping to still have enough to plant by October, but given the amount of garlic that is consumed in our house, that's not a certainty. Luckily, the market will still be running for a while yet.

We picked up some Highland Blue cheese from Back Forty Artisan Cheese while we were at the market. Now that's cheese. It's made from raw ewe's milk and tastes like the earth. In a good way. This food is deeply satisfying to my inner rebel. All that fat and bacteria and flavour couldn't possibly come out of an industrial food factory.

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