23 June 2008

Some pictures from our Norway trip

We had a barbecue at the Iron Age Farm, a reconstructed farm built on a 3000 year old archeological site.

The view from the Iron Age Farm.

At the opening ceremony there was a parade of the flags of all 105 countries which were represented at the conference.

Madeleine enjoying an ice cream with her friend Stephen on the tour of Stavanger Harbour and the local islands. Unfortunately we didn't get out to the famous Lyse Fjord.

A typical street in old Stavanger.

A view from the campus of Stavanger University.

Stavanger Cathedral, finished in 1125.

Madeleine on one of the many cobblestone streets in downtown Stavanger.

Madeleine learned to spin and dye wool during one of the workshops at the Iron Age Farm.

These enormous bronze swords are a monument to the battle of Hafrsfjord in the year 872, when Harald HÃ¥rfagre (Fairheaded Harald) united Norway into one kingdom. The swords, which are about 10 meters tall, stand for peace and unification. This site is just outside the gate of the Madla Camp, the army camp where we stayed.

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