20 June 2008

Beautiful Stavanger

The highlight of my day yesterday was a quick trip to Stavanger, a city of 113,000. What a liveable place. Much of the downtown is pedestrian-only cobblestone streets and even the other streets have a very safe feel. Cars all drive slowly (that's what 13 kroners/litre will do), there aren't too many of them (ditto), and the drivers are courteous to an extreme. The streets are very narrow, but cars are very secondary. There are lots of scooters. I don't think I've seen 2 cars in any driveway. We were in town after most of the shops had closed but there were many people walking the streets and enjoying the place. I have seen Ikea here, but no other big box stores, and certainly no big box mall monstrosities.

When I get back I'll post pictures and more descriptions.

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