24 March 2008

Enough snow!

We've just spent the nicest winter days at the Shack. There wasn't a cloud in the sky for the last four days. The snow was clean and crusty enough that we didn't need snow shoes even though the snow is waist deep or deeper everywhere. All the snow actually gives us a tremendous amount of mobility because we are a metre above all the thick brush and swampy ground.

But I'd trade all that mobility and crisp white beauty for the sight of a green shoot pushing out of the ground, the smell of wet earth or warm air on my face in a heartbeat.

1 comment:

  1. Especially conssidering you' ll have bagfulls of fidelheads ( in the lane on your left when leaving santa paz, I' m sure you' ve noticed the ferns there) and fresh asparagus ( at the bottom left of the small hill, close to the outhouse). Yes, make spring come already... We are ready



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