13 January 2008

Why is there a rat in the Christmas tree?

Since the now infamous "Christmas is Cancelled" post, I've been getting a lot of questions about how it went. As widely predicted, I was unable to simply ignore Christmas this year. I was cajoled, lectured and basically disregarded by various family members and made to feel quite the grinch. No adult received a gift from me this year, except in the form of food or wine, or a donation to World Vision. I attended one Christmas concert, one Christmas dinner, and spent about a half day at the mall. A tree did appear in the living room, and the family members who cared about it also decorated it. I gritted my teeth through most of December and promised to do things differently next year.

So I guess if guilt is the motivation for action, short term family guilt trumps vague global justice guilt every time. Oh, and the reason there's a rat in the Christmas tree is that M was taking pictures to make a Christmas card, of course.

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