27 January 2008

We're cooking with wood now!

This is the first fire in the completely rebuilt, almost exactly like the old one, new stove. It's a Findlay Meteor, which I believe is the 1940's version of the Findlay Condor which came with the house. We traded the old Condor in. It will be refurbished over the winter and available for sale, good as new, at The Bay Barn in Seeley's Bay come spring.

As usual with bulky, heavy items that need to be loaded or unloaded off the backs of trucks, there was a lot of head scratching, opinion giving, and plain brute force to get the new stove in the house, and the old stove out. After that, the usual fiddling to get it hooked up, but it works like a charm.

This is the first real action the new chimney has seen.

It's getting pretty darned civilized at the Shack.


  1. I'll be interested in knowing how the cooking comes out...Your blog is full of great information, thank you.

  2. Hi,
    My husband and I will homestead a property in Warkworth, Ontario, come spring.
    I just purchased lovely 1939 Findley (Norway model) which I may need to have some refurbishment done on it. Please, will you share where you are having this done. I imagine I will need this information not just for now, but in years to come as well!
    Thank you

  3. Hi Laura,
    We found our new (old) stove at The Bay Barn in Seeley's Bay.

    160 Mill St
    Seeleys Bay ON, K0H 2N0

    Phone #: 613-387-3273
    Fax #: 613-387-3434

    Key contact: Reginald Kumm

    When I called about refurbishment, Reg told me to just come and pick out a refurbished one he has in stock. He's got a huge selection. He picked up the old one when he delivered the new one, and gave us a very good price for it. Instant gratification! We've been very pleased with our stove.

    Reg is what you'd call a character, and it would be best to phone first before going out to Seeley's Bay as I don't think he keeps standard hours.

    Good luck!

  4. Reg is now gone....R I P

  5. I saw his obituary a few months ago. There won't be another guy like him, that's for sure. I wonder has anyone taken over The Bay Barn business? It was, or hopefully is, quite a place.

  6. Love your place. I to have a Findlay Condor wood stove. Used it for many years in our cabin in Canada. My dad & friend has replaced it with a smaller stove. I since have brought it to my home in Ohio. BUT.. I am needing help on putting the fire box area back together. Do you have any idea where I can get help? I have been searching for months. No one here in the states knows anything about these stoves. I need a step by step of where this goes and how it goes and where that goes and so on. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy your stove. They are wonderful.

    Sherri M.
    Please feel free to e-mail me if you can help or know of any one who can.

  7. Talk to bev today Reg's wife.. She is still selling stoves and we got a nice findlay parlor stove for $700.. But she was sounding like she would be having a get rid of everything sale soon.. If you know anyone that needs a stove or antiques you should call her soon..

    And dam do I miss Reg you would swear he's still in that barn..

    We didnt even haggle on price just paid the price reg wrote in his old black log book..

    Send her some costomers as Regs pension does not even pay the hydro bill.


  8. Glad to hear the modern wood stove is working for you. We switched to a pellet stoves in our cabin a couple of years ago. My only selling point was the ease of getting the thing lit.



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