19 November 2007

Swamp surprise

We have owned Santa Paz for just over 6 weeks. Before this weekend, we had never walked the back half of our property. There was a lot of scrubby bush that is very difficult to navigate. As the fall has progressed, and some of the vegetation has died back, it's become easier. We have looked at maps and Google Earth, but hadn't actually bushwacked our way much beyond what we could see from the house. On Saturday, we finally made our way back. We were floored (in a good way) to discover this large beaver marsh. The beavers are obviously still very much present, as evidenced by the many recent stumps. We walked back to a fence which we assumed was the back boundary of the property, but have subsequently discovered is not. Our neighbour assures us that our property line is roughly another thousand feet beyond the fence. So, we have more exploring to do. And some work to make a trail.

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