13 June 2012

Monday Forest photo: June 13, 2012

3:00pm 18C sunny
A fresh day - breezy and coolish. Just perfect for a nice long walk in the woods. Most of the new wildflowers this week are in the sunny open areas in the trails, rather than on the forest floor. It's too shady there now for flowers.

It seems pretty quiet here during the day (after the spring bird frenzy) , but at night we can hear all kinds of action through our open window. I don't even want to know what all those sounds are.

Oxeye Daisy

Red Clover

Sow Thistle
Hop Clover
Hairy Vetch

Canada Anemone

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  1. WOW ! these are really beautiful forest photographs . Amazing shot ! When leaves are changing color in autumn, look for one tree that is transitioning either ahead of or behind the other trees. Compose your photo to draw viewers to that tree. If you’re photographing an evergreen forest, look for a tree that isn't an evergreen.

    Microstock photo website



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