21 May 2012

Monday Forest photo: May 21, 2012

2:30pm 29C clear
Wow. It's summer all of a sudden. Most of the spring ephemerals have packed up until next year. There's an amazing scent of honeysuckle in the woods, but I have never actually seen any there. The biting bugs are out, but all that is necessary to avoid them is to keep moving, rather than any repellant or netting. For now. My next level of protection is to take a silly-looking ballcap with a fabric flap that covers your ears and neck, and spray it with Deep Woods Off. I'll wear that with a light coloured long sleeve shirt and that will do me until it doesn't, at which point I'll switch to long sleeves, long pants and a hat with netting attached. I'll admit that when the bugs get that bad, a walk in the woods just doesn't have the same appeal as it does now.

Red Osier Dogwood 

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  1. Gorgeous pictures !!! Wander through the forest and consider all the possible vantage points, try out both wide and telephoto lenses. A wide lens angled upwards at the trees can bring out the majestic size and scale of your subject, while a telephoto lens is useful for compressing a row of tree trunks and capturing patterns in the trees.

    Image source
    Image source



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