21 December 2011

Longest night

In three hours the northern hemisphere will tilt as far away from the sun as it will get for the year. What a relief. The days will start gradually, but inevitably, to get longer, and the sun will rise higher in the sky every day.

I think I prefer the traditional name midwinter, rather than referring to this as the first day of winter, as we do now. The solstice marks such a turning point and in a few weeks the sun will start behaving much more spring-like, even if the temperatures don't. Mind you, with the weather we've had recently, we've no business calling this midwinter - the freezing rain today is really the first serious weather of the season.

1 comment:

  1. You know what's weird? Here in Australia, they insist on refering to the first of December as the beginning of summer...likewise the first day of winter is apparently June 1st. I guess it sorta makes sense, but I never heard it referred to that way in Canada, so I kinda wonder where this comes from...



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