22 July 2011

First contact

This morning the baby dinosaurs chicks had their first look at the rest of the world. They've been living in a cardboard enclosure in a corner of the coop for the last three weeks but today their universe got a whole lot bigger. I opened the hatch which leads to an outdoor run and so far they've ventured as far as to stand in front of the opening to stare with one eye.

I built the run from parts of a greenhouse in a box kit, which was a complete flop as a greenhouse, but did allow me to build a neat little frame that I wrapped some leftover garden fencing around and topped with an old tarp. I've added some bungee cords to secure the tarp a bit better, and I've pinned the whole thing down with garden staples. If we have another wind like Sunday's, it will end up in the neighbours' yard.

This is the first step in Operation Flock Blend. I hope the big chickens will get used to the little ones so that I can eventually let everyone free range together and ultimately share the same coop for the winter. 

Update: they're in!
Update 2: This post has been totally hacked (I'll let you guess which picture was added). It's kind of funny, though, so I'm leaving it.

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