20 June 2011

Monday forest photo: June 20, 2011

2:30pm 25C clear

Well, not a bad way to see spring out. The weather is perfect. I wish I could capture smells with my camera, because the forest smells amazing. There is the intoxicating balsam fir, a lot of different florals, some medicinal herby smells and the earthy earth. It's such a treat to walk through the woods and it's a different experience every day.

There's a cedar tree with a hole in it, that we've been watching ever since we moved here, to see what kind of creature lives in it. A couple of days ago we found out.

A very busy hive of bees lives in the hole in the cedar tree and we've been fascinated by their comings and goings. The picture fails to capture the very large number of bees and the loud hum that accompanies their activity. If the mosquitoes and deer flies weren't so persistent, I could spend all afternoon watching them.

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