21 April 2011

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now

Today is the first day of my 46th trip around the sun. When this picture was taken, I was 10 or 11, and it was around this time that I begged my mother to let me quit school. I figured that I knew enough reading, writing and arithmetic so that I could take it from there myself. I guess I was a natural born unschooler. My mother was not.

I've learned and unlearned and forgotten a lot of things since then. Every year I learn a bunch of new things and discover a bunch of other stuff I thought I knew, I didn't. My catalogue of uncertainties is growing all the time. Which is completely ok by me. I figure I've got a few more trips in me yet, and I wouldn't want to get bored. 


  1. Hah, happiest birthday.

    You've got three months longer tenancy on this earth than me. (And if it's any help at all, every day I feel dumber too.)

    go do something fun.



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