21 February 2011

Monday forest photo: February 21, 2011

11:00am -16C clear
After a very brief spring fling last week, winter has seriously returned to the great white north. Ah well, it's hard to complain about such perfectly sunny and bright weather.


  1. Yeah, what's with this winter business anyhow. Ooo, can I grab your owl 'ad free blog'? I love it. I updated that planting list as I think I must have been a bit out of it when I posted. Why you shouldn't never try and post when you have a migraine - editing is hard when the screen hurts.

  2. If you click on the owl it takes you to adfreeblog.org which has a whole bunch of images with the same message - or just grab mine. I'll be sure to check out your updated list and I Wet my Plants.

    Hope you're feeling better.



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