13 December 2009

Of chickens and carrots in the snow

I dropped in on the chickens this afternoon to give them some scratch and collect eggs (aren't they supposed to stop laying in the winter?). They were curious about the snow, which we've only had since Wednesday, but they refused to set foot outside the coop. They like to eat snow, but they don't like to walk in it.

I went to the garden to see if my carrots were still ok, and I'm happy to report they're fine. The soil was beautifully loose under the straw bale, and picking some carrots for dinner was hardly any more trouble than in August.


  1. We had a similar experience with our chickens today — first snowfall on the west coast. Happily, it's already melting (sorry!). Despite long nights, we too are still getting our daily eggs (how else would we make our yummy eggnog?).

    I enjoy reading your comments about the state of the world and specifically, your comments about Christmas and consumption. Fortunately we have reduced our shopping and this year, I tried to specifically purchased consumable products made right in our community (roasted coffee, chocolate, handmade soap, beer, smoked salmon, CD of local artist)...guess where we live!? The girls are getting books on raising poultry. Did you know that there's a version of "Omnivore's Dilemma" written for youth (with some photos)? I wouldn't have known that had I not gone shopping!

    As you know, my partner R, feels the same way about Christmas as you do. Every year, I feel that I am trying to appease the husband and grandparents while giving my children the "Christmas" experience. I suppose it doesn't help that they're still "schooled". I'm curious to know how you make Christmas feel special (or do you?). Have you begun new traditions?


  2. Umm, no, I'm quite a grinch. For years I've been doing as little as I can get away with, and as expectations have been reduced over time, that is less and less.

    I'm afraid I'm just not wired to seek out or create celebrations of any kind and folks that depend on me to make Christmas or some alternative feel special will be disappointed. I suspect that makes me unqualified to be a proper mom/wife/woman but there it is.

    I can definitely see our little gang enjoying some eggnog to mark the solstice, though. Thanks for the idea!



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