05 October 2009

Bragging of socks and kid

A few days ago, I received a fabulous gift from my daughter. She handed me a hand-knit (by her, of course) pair of wool socks. I have never owned hand-knit socks in my life and I'm thrilled with these. They are soft and warm and the perfect thing to wear around the house or in rubber boots.

Have I mentioned that Madeleine is 13 and that I'm very proud of her accomplishments? She's published a couple of original patterns on Ravelry and is getting a lot of very good feedback from knitters around the world. She's also getting way more hits on her blog than I've ever gotten on mine.

I hope I haven't made anyone who doesn't have a beautiful hand-knit pair of wool socks knit by their kid feel jealous. I'm sure your kid is special too.


  1. very,very,impressive.
    Aunt MaryAnn

  2. we want another post! we want another post! we want another post!



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