25 July 2009

The rain is over*

I brought my camera out on my usual walk-about this morning to document the rain we've had over the past couple of days (well, all summer). The saturated soil on top of limestone bedrock in the alvar meadow is unable to absorb anymore rain, so we'll just have to wait until the water flows away or evaporates. This top picture is me standing in water to near the top of my boots in the labyrinth.

I think the garden will survive as everything but potatoes and buckwheat is in raised beds or straw bales, and the mosquitoes are certainly thriving. It is rather nice to see the sun peek through clouds from time to time as I write this. I am wishing for a few days of sun and heat to help ripen the tomatoes and peppers, but the forecast isn't very promising.

*I'm taking a lesson from the Bank of Canada's making-it-so by saying-it's-so book. Just like Mark Carney, I've had to make a few assumptions to arrive at my optimistic statement, but unlike Mr. Carney, I'm not depending on you to believe my wild assertion and go shopping, preferably with borrowed money, for it to actually be true.

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