22 June 2009

Luna Moth

We found this Luna Moth under an outside light which we inadvertently left on overnight. This fellow is male, evidenced by his big antennae which are designed for detecting female pheromones. Adult Luna Moths have no mouth parts or digestive system so are solely in the business of mating. They live only a week or so.

I have never actually seen one before and in fact, they are not commonly seen because they fly only during the night and usually spend their days away from human eyes. I love the fact that I can reach 40 something years old and still have completely new experiences without leaving home.


  1. Hello! We found one of these on the wall of our house a couple of weeks ago. Like you, I'd never seen one before. It spent most of the day there. Glad I dropped by and found out what it was!

  2. Since I posted, I discovered that in Ontario, Luna Moths only have one generation per year unlike more southern areas which may have two or three generations. This just makes seeing one that much more special in my books and definitely something to look for in June! I may just leave a porch light on all night next year at the same time.

  3. One knocked on my door last night and was the size of my hand. Considering that I am 5'9, this luna moth was a giant.



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