04 March 2009

Meet the puppies!

L is holding both Paige and Kit, but Paige is the one looking at the camera. Paige is a half sister to the rest of the litter and is 11 days older than the rest. She's been hanging out with the litter for a couple of weeks and she's just one of the gang now. She's a little shy because she wasn't socialized with humans very much in her litter of origin, but she's quickly gaining confidence. She's very pretty with very standard border collie markings: white ruff, collar, paws and a little blaze nose. Paige loves to play with the adult dogs.

M is holding Kit in this picture. Kit is a little female with delicate features and an almost entirely black face. She has a lacy little collar, but is mostly black like her parents. M and I have had our eyes on her since our first visit when she looked like a guinea pig. She's very friendly and mellow (mellow for a border collie).
On Sunday we'll take them home. Meanwhile, we're enjoying the peace and quiet before the puppy extravaganza starts.

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