15 February 2008

We're going to Norway!

M has been selected as one of 30 kids in North America and 300 worldwide to attend the Tunza International Children's Conference on the Environment in Stavanger, Norway this June. I have also been approved as a chaperone. The conference is sponsored by the United Nations and the kids will prepare a statement which will be presented to world leaders. The UN has a mandate to consider the opinion of children when making decisions affecting the environment. Our M will have a chance, at the age of 11, to influence world leaders! So if you have anything you want them to hear, just tell M before June.


  1. Wow congratulations to M and yourself, as you know I've been reading your blog for awhile, not knowing you were watching me:)
    I have about 4 or 5 blogs I check almost everyday most only enter once a month or so. So I enjoy yours because you blog more often and I fine your writing enjoyable reading.
    What an awesome experience to go Norway, if I think of anything to say I'll get back to you it is quite thought provoking.
    Aunt MaryAnn

  2. Congratulations M! You certainly have a real experience of the beauty and uniqueness of nature and you will be a great participant to this forum. I once worked in Oslo for a few weeks for the Conference on the prohibition of land mines and I can tell you that these meetings do have a positive effect on our world.
    Bravo M. !




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